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Energy Bars For Sports Nutrition

Energy Bars For Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition Programs

A carefully designed sports nutrition program must be in place to be able to achieve desired results.

These programs will work best if they are based on scientific research and feedback from various competitive and recreational athletes through the years. This fact should be confirmed first before fully engaging oneself in any type of program.

Adherence to what sports nutrition programs advise will significantly bring in positive results.

However, just the same, one should be attuned to his body and to the information that it conveys to further bring in positive outcomes. The suggestions in the programs must be in synchrony to what is actually and currently happening in the body.

Moreover, one must take careful note that any sports nutrition program does not intend to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses. There has to be a consultation with a physician first. This should be the case most especially if the program includes very strenuous physical activities or exercise routines.

Sports nutrition programs vary depending on the needs and targets of an individual. For a very active person intending to maintain general fitness, for example, there is a specific program for him.

Intake of a recovery drink after workouts containing carbohydrates and protein may be essential for those working out at least seven hours in a single week. Drinks such as Ultragen and Endurox R4 are recommended. The protein will help the muscles recover faster from workouts, enhance the immune system, and elicit a positive response in spite of stress during training.
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Sports Nutrition And The Importance Of Routines

Sports nutrition can be devised as a routine. Meals during that are day designed with specific purposes. The type of food whether a complex carbohydrate, simple carbohydrate, protein or fat can all be properly structured into a sports nutrition routine. A basic plan will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, pre workout, and post workout recovery. The more advanced use of sports nutrition plans will exactly match an athlete?s weight, caloric intake and caloric expenditure. Details of a routine can be so specifically tailored that even the time of year is taken into account.

The major benefit of sports nutrition is giving the body the fuel that it needs to perform at its highest level. The time factor to see such results can be instantaneous in some cases. But in most cases time is needed to allow the body to adapt and repair itself. Once the benefits of the nutrition are noticed, many athletes will discontinue eating properly. Thus the athlete will return to previous levels. And then wonder what has happened to cause a decrease in performance.

A basic year round sports nutrition routine that I recommend to every athlete would consist of 4 basic parts. Each day take a multi vitamin. Drink 64oz of water in addition to sports drinks. Consume whey protein combined with liquid carbohydrates after workouts. Eat fruit and vegetables with every meal.

The biggest problem most athletes encounter is consuming enough essential vitamins and minerals. Training day after day week after week month after month makes it very difficult to do so. Eating a perfect diet will still leave the body in some form of deficiency. Taking a multi vitamin that is geared toward the extra needs of a hard training athlete is essential. Look for labels that use performance in the description.

Enough has been written about the benefits of drinking water. Still many under estimate another great value of water. Drinking at least 64oz of water will help the body rid toxins and waste products produced when exercising and digesting food. Have you ever noticed after a hard workout, that with proper rehydration that your urine will still be dark in color? The body is removing waste products when urinating. By keeping the body properly hydrated you will not only perform better. The additional water will also help you recover faster.

After finishing a workout that last 60 minutes, I recommend a combination of whey protein and liquid carbohydrates. Combine 20g of whey protein with 50g of liquid carbohydrate. A 20oz or 32oz sports drink combined with whey protein powder works great. Drink immediately after your workout. You can also use this recovery method after competitions that are shorter in duration.

Eating fruits and vegetables with every meal is one of the most effective ways to boost nutrition and performance. The body is designed to work its best on this type of food. No other processed food can compare with the nutritional value of unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

By following this sports nutrition routine throughout the year you will notice significant changes. Your body will look and perform better. You will feel better and age more gracefully.

About the Author:

Curt Shryack from Moline, IL is the author of Fatigue Nutrition and Endurance Exercise.

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